International Students Make Excellent Doctors

Medical school spaces for international students are limited and highly competitive.

Supporting International Students

The average success rate is between 5% and 10%. Despite these odds, you should not feel disadvantaged because we are here to help. We specialise in international applications, and have helped students from all over the world get into UK medical schools. Here’s a small list of nationalities we have supported:

Communication is key

We appreciate that English is often not your first language and so it can be difficult to fully understand English mannerisms and phrases. We make special effort to focus on any language barriers and coach you in such a way that this does not become a hindrance at your interview, and rather you score perfect marks on the communication elements of the interview.

We educate you on a whole host of communication related concepts, ideas and topics specific to the UK; such as non-verbal communication, the NHS and GMC ethical topics. This is so you are not disadvantaged compared to your competitors from the UK.

Shine like a diamond

With this service, you can start with having written nothing, and by the end, have created the perfect personal statement for you. This is the most effective:

We help you start your personal statement:

We will also tutor you on aspects of the statement you will be asked about in interview.



Courses designed to help you get the score you require.

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Need more support?

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