Medicine Mentoring Programme

The aim of this mentoring programme is simple. Our expert tutors will guide you through EVERY aspect of the application process to aid in securing your place at medical school.

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    This mentoring programme has been specifically designed from the ground up by our Lead Tutor, Dr Valeed Ghafoor (MBChB, MRCGP, DRCOG, PGCert CPME). It is a 2-year programme, from the start of year 12, to the end of the interview cycle in year 13.

    You will have unlimited access to our expert tutors, through your own dedicated WhatsApp group. This allows for a channel of open communication and dialogue. Your tutor is constantly available to you, via this group, which means that their support is not just limited to the live sessions. This channel is for you to ask, discuss and clarify any and all aspects of the UCAS application process, Work Experience, UCAT, Personal Statement, Interviews. This does not need to be limited to only the UCAS process, as discussions also include life at medical school, working as a doctor in the NHS and much more! On top of this, the experience our tutors hold helps them in best guiding your application depending on factors such as your A-level subjects, UCAT performance and predicted grades – there is certainly an art to this, and we help you maximise your chances.

    Consistent feedback each year highlights this feature as one of the most popular of this service – students enjoy and find comfort in being able to ask questions whenever they think of them.

    This mentoring programme consists of monthly live-sessions where study-timetables and action plans are made according to what is most relevant at the time. For example, at the start of Year-13, the sessions are heavily focussed around applying the finishing touches to your personal statement. However, in Year-12’s summer, we help you get your balance right with starting your personal statement, coaching you for the UCAT, as well as helping you reflect on your work experience.

    The very first session is based on exploring your aspirations for medicine, your personality, any apprehensions you may have and your strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, this is so that we can create a profile based on all of these factors, so that we can generate a two-year plan specific to your needs which accounts for all aspects of the UCAS process.

    We always stress the importance of live sessions, as the interaction helps to develop richness of feedback and allows you to obtain a higher degree of critique from non-verbal communication. Each live-session is audio-recorded which helps in numerous ways. You can use the recordings to review your performance and the feedback given and use this as a tool for continued improvement outside of the sessions. The recordings also help us to measure your progress. It is a confidence booster to see how far you have progressed!

    As this is our most popular, most in-depth and detailed service, we ensure each student receives the quality guaranteed. As such, spaces are extremely limited and are appointed on a first come, first served basis.