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A Personal Statement is a hugely important aspect of the medical school application process in the UK. It is essentially an essay which explains why you want to study Medicine and why you deserve a place on that university’s Medicine degree programme.

Your Personal Statement is 4,000 characters long- this usually equates to around 550 to 1,000 words. You may think this allows you plenty of room to write a convincing essay. But actually, it is a limited amount of words to capture the attention of medical school recruiters and successfully earn a place on your desired Medicine course.

The competition for Medicine places is fierce, with the amount of applications increasing year by year. The year 2022 was considered the hardest year in living memory for A-Level students to get an offer on a Medicine course– with fewer than 16% of applications resulting in an offer.

That is why you need to write a winning Personal Statement that stands out from the crowd and impresses the admissions team. Our personal statement tutors can help you achieve that.

Where can I get Personal Statement Tutors to help me with my Medicine application?

Here at The Future Medic, we provide a Personal Statement Coaching service for aspiring medical students.

Your Personal Statement will be reviewed by one of our admissions panel doctors, who have seen hundreds of Medicine personal statements over the years. We will read your Personal Statement and guide you on the structure, language, syntax and authenticity.

If you haven’t started writing yet, then that is no problem- our Personal Statement Tutors can also help you write your Personal Statement from scratch.

Read on to discover our Personal Statement Coaching options:

Our Personal Statement Coaching package starts from as little as £100.

This is a one-to-one session with our expert Personal Statement Tutors. We will provide specific coaching and feedback and go through what questions you are likely to be asked about your Personal Statement at the interview stage.

You can choose your coaching time from the following: 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, 10 hours and 20 hours.

Our Shine Like A Diamond package

This is the best service available. It gives you unlimited hours of coaching and unlimited reviews of your Personal Statement with our medical education specialist.

You will receive intensive tutoring to help structure your Personal Statement in the best way, even if you need to start it from scratch.

With unlimited redrafts and unlimited reviews available, your tutor will focus on each section of the  Personal Statement in detail, until the end product is perfectly written.

We will also tutor you on aspects of the Personal Statement which you will be asked about during the interview stage.

Our Last Minute Check-Up package

This is aimed at students who are on a time crunch, who need our urgent help at the very last minute.

We will review your Personal Statement and provide feedback very quickly.

Our 24 Hour Service is £200, while our Feedback in 1 Week package is just £50.

Our constructive criticism and advice will focus on these 5 domains:

  • Language
  • Expression
  • Professionalism
  • Thematic Tone
  • First Impressions
  • Most importantly, any red flags

If you are applying for Medicine and our support packages sound of interest, please get in touch with us at or visit our website to purchase directly.

I am an international student. Can I get help from Personal Statement Tutors at The Future Medic?

Yes, absolutely! Our tutoring services are available for International Students, to help them feel confident about sending off the best possible application to medical school.

We understand that students from non-UK countries may be feeling nervous about applying to medical schools in the UK, especially if there is a language barrier.

We enjoy coaching international students so that they don’t feel disadvantaged compared to their competitors from the UK. We will tutor you on a whole host of communication-related concepts, ideas and topics specific to the UK, such as non-verbal communication, the NHS and GMC ethical topics.

Click here to browse our support packages for International Students.

What are the benefits of using Personal Statement Tutors?

Over the years, our team of doctors have read thousands of Medicine Personal Statements, so they know exactly what is required to make your Personal Statement captivating, unique and convincing.

Our tutors sit on medical school interview panels and have vast experience of medical education- this level of tutoring is not guaranteed elsewhere!

Our Personal Statement Coaching Services provide wonderful benefits for any aspiring medical student:

  • Access to experienced British doctors, medical education specialists, and tutors who have coached and interviewed thousands of applicants.
  • 24/7 access to your Tutor Doctor, through a dedicated WhatsApp group.
  • Tailor-made feedback on your Personal Statement which is specific to you.
  • Help even if you need to write your Personal Statement from scratch.
  • Personalised 1-1 lessons, with all the attention on you.
  • Relaxed tutoring environment- our coaching isn’t like a classroom, where there is only one teacher who has to cater to 30 students!
  • You can use from our tutoring service from the comfort of your home, without having to travel to a physical location.
  • The option of unlimited hours of coaching, or between 1-20 hours.
  • Quick turnaround for feedback, within as little as 24 hours, or 1 week.
  • Guidance on how to make your Medicine application stand out.
  • Improved confidence for the interview stage at your dream medical school.
  • Saves you time and stress, allowing you to focus on your A-Levels, UCAT admissions test and other commitments.

How long will my Personal Statement Tutors take to review my draft?

Our expert tutors provide a very speedy service!

Feedback on your Personal Statement will be returned to you within as little as 24 hours, or 1 week.

Can Personal Statement Tutors write my Personal Statement for me?

No, your Personal Statement must be 100% your own work.

Here at The Future Medic, our tutors won’t be brainstorming the ideas and writing up the Personal Statement for you- that would be cheating!

You need to come up with the reasons why you want to study Medicine at your chosen universities, what you hope to get out of studying Medicine, and what kind of skills and experience you bring to the table.

Our Personal Statement Tutors will coach you on what makes a successful Personal Statement and give you advice and support you while you are writing yours.

The advice of our tutors will be invaluable, as they have a wealth of experience of coaching students to successfully enter the medical schools of their dreams.

What might happen if I plagiarise on my Personal Statement?

Never copy someone else’s Personal Statement or include inaccurate or misleading information in your application.

UCAS uses sophisticated technology to detect plagiarism and similarities across Personal Statements.

If you plagiarise on your personal statement and the UCAS software detects more than 30% similarity, your application will be flagged up. You and your course provider will be notified by email, and your application could be withdrawn or rejected.

Make sure your Medical Personal Statement is 100% accurate and your own work. If UCAS suspects your application is fraudulent, they can request proof to verify the information you have provided.

Personal Statement FAQs

In this section, we will outline the most frequently asked questions about Medicine Personal Statements and provide our tips and tricks for success.

For more in-depth advice, read our blog articles on:

What are medical schools looking for in Personal Statements?

Every year, medical schools are bombarded with tens of thousands of applications, but they can only shortlist a select few to interview and offer a place on the degree programme.

Your Personal Statement is your first opportunity to make a good impression on those medical school admissions teams. The details you put in your essay will also form the basis for questions asked at the interview.

When reading your Personal Statement, medical school admissions teams will look for core skills and attributes needed for the challenge of a medical degree, such as:

  • Genuine ambition to become a doctor
  • A strong interest in the human body, healthcare, and the sciences
  • Academic competence
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Respect for others
  • Desire to care for patients and alleviate their distress
  • Understanding of patient vulnerability
  • Empathy
  • Problem-solving
  • Managing risk and dealing with problems
  • Accountability and taking responsibility for your own actions
  • Commitment to the challenges and pressures of medical school and working as a doctor
  • Teamwork
  • Resilience and adaptability
  • Ethical awareness
  • Leadership
  • Conscientiousness
  • Honesty
  • Analytical skills
  • Organisational skills

What should go in my Medicine Personal Statement?

It can be really daunting to try and summarise your motivation for studying Medicine and your strengths in just 4,000 characters.

Don’t worry. Your Personal Statement is your chance to show the university recruiters why you will be an asset to their Medicine degree programme.

You should address the following points in your Personal Statement:

  • Your motivation to study Medicine.
  • Why you want to become a doctor, and which steps you are taking to get there.
  • Why you have chosen this Medicine course at this university.
  • Which aspects of the curriculum excite you, and why.
  • Your relevant medical-based work experience, what you witnessed and learned, and how this has influenced your decision to become a doctor.
  • What wider reading you are doing, to ensure you stay updated on healthcare news.
  • Your understanding of the skills and qualities needed to practise as a doctor.
  • What transferable skills you have gained from extracurricular activities- e.g. the Duke of Edinburgh Sward, the EPQ, or your qualifications in sport, music or theatre.
  • Any other commitments such as volunteering, a placement, or a part-time job.
  • Any recent awards or achievements you are proud of: e.g. if you have run a marathon for charity, given a public speech, or occupied a leadership position.
  • If you are a mature student, explain this change in your life and justify why you have decided to apply for Medicine, and why now.

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