UCAT Tutoring

The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is one of the many forms of admissions tests that is used by a selection of Universities within the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

The test is required to be completed in addition to passing A-Levels for those who wish to study medicine.  Over twenty-seven thousand people took this test as of 2018.

With a pass rate barely over 30%, we at the future medic firmly believe that a little help goes a long way. We are here for the next generation of medics and anyone taking a step into higher learning for medicine. With our UCAT tutoring service, we can help you have the best chance of passing your UCAT test.

Before you take the UCAT

The A-levels needed for medicine studies are just one part of a very complex application process to secure a spot for studying. With less than 16% of applications to study medicine in 2022 resulting in an offered place, the application process is very highly competitive.

Studying to become a medical professional has always been a challenging process, but given the financial strains imposed by the government and limited places, it is more complex than ever before.

On average, there are around 8700 places offered each year to study medicine in the UK. This far exceeds the number of hopefuls who have worked hard to meet the criteria but just miss out at the last moment for one of many reasons.

The 5 categories

The UCAT is designed to support a strong academic record by testing various situational and skill-based areas that a student would need to possess to make it in the world of medicine naturally. The scoring is split across five categories which all make up individual parts of the test. These are:

Verbal Reasoning (Score between 300 and 900): True, false and don’t know answers are required to be selected from in this section which tests a student’s ability to communicate effectively in high-pressure scenarios.

Decision Making (Score between 300 and 900): This section uses a mix of data sources to understand the individual’s decision-making style and whether they would reach the ideal outcome in various situations.

Quantitative Reasoning (Score between 300 and 900): Problem-solving based on different facts and figures makes up this section, one of the best sections for understanding whether an applicant has the core skills to make it in the medical world.

Abstract Reasoning (Score between 300 and 900): Abstract skills are required within all medical fields, with this section involving candidates facing many different shapes and patterns. The goal is to find recurring themes or predict the next steps, as would be required if the student was faced with a set of patient test records. This test covers four different pattern types and structures that test the combination of various brain parts.

All four of the above categories are combined to offer a combined scoring, whereas the situational judgement section awards candidates a banding that best represents the answers they gave.

Situational Judgement (Score between Band 1 and Band 4): Otherwise known as SJT, candidates are faced with a range of situation outcomes and tests the types of decisions they would make based on a whole host of influences. This area brings in ethical and personal opinions to understand how individuals can bypass their own thoughts and beliefs to make unbiased, patient-focused choices.

You can access UCAT question banks on the UCAT website, which we have highlighted below:

Click here to access the UCAT practice tests on the UCAT website.

Is studying medicine worth taking the UCAT?

It entirely depends on your goals, but if your aspiration is to be within the field of medicine, it is absolutely worth taking the UCAT to study medicine.

If you need a reason as to why study Medicine, just know that the opportunities facing you are endless. A whole host of industries will eagerly welcome Medicine graduates because they will value your extensive subject knowledge and transferable skills.

A Medicine degree qualifies you for a role in healthcare, sciences, public health or research, but it also opens the door for alternative careers, whether that is in the UK or in Europe and beyond.

With a Medicine degree, you can:

  • Work as a doctor in the Armed Forces
  • Open your own private medical practice
  • Become a medical manager
  • Work in medical communications
  • Become a higher education lecturer
  • Join a public health team to keep the general population healthy and safe
  • Become a research scientist
  • Work in pharmaceutical sales
  • Work as a forensic medical examiner
  • Work as a medical writer or health journalist
  • Work for a medical charity
  • Work in sports and exercise medicine
  • Work in medical relief work, to help people in emergencies and after natural disasters
  • Become a medical advisor on television or for media outlets
  • Become a medical-legal advisor
  • Become a politician

UCAT tutoring

With our UCAT tutoring service, you will have one-to-one tutoring with our medical education specialist, who sits on medical school interview panels.

Under the guidance of your tutor, you will get all the help you need to ace the UCAT and achieve your best possible UCAT score.

Choose from anywhere between 1 hour of UCAT tutoring to 20 hours, to help you unlock your full potential.

It doesn’t matter how far along you are in your Medicine journey- whether you are applying during your A-Levels, or if you have previously been rejected for Medicine and you need a higher UCAT score- we are here to help!

Maybe it is interviews that you struggle with. If that is the case, we also offer interview tutoring with our experts.

We enjoy coaching Medicine applicants so that they can start their journey of becoming a doctor.

It doesn’t matter how far along you are in your Medicine journey- whether you are applying during your A-Levels, or if you have previously been rejected for Medicine and you need a higher UCAT score- our UCAT online course is sure to help!

The average student’s UCAT score is 607, but when they book with our UCAT tutoring package, the mean student score is 743. This shows you the excellent results we gain at The Future Medic, to help students land offers at the medical schools of their dreams.

Additionally, a high UCAT score is literally the difference between getting an interview for medical school, and not getting any interviews.

The competition for medical school places is fierce. In 2022, there were 30,000 more students applying to study Medicine- this means a success rate of only 1 in 10 at popular universities. For international students, this number is even lower at 1 in 16.

Our online UCAT course will greatly benefit you on your Medicine journey. It offers you guidance from experienced medical specialists, a low pressured environment, individual attention and the opportunities to ask questions and receive feedback.

So, why not book our ‘Ace the UCAT’ package today?

Why you need a UCAT tutor

We will explain exactly why you need a UCAT tutor to help you navigate the challenges of the UCAT.

The competition for places in Medicine degrees is getting tougher and tougher.

In 2022, there were 30,000 more students applying to medical school- in popular universities, this means a success rate of only 1 in 10. For international students, this number is even lower at 1 in 16.

So, getting into medical school is extremely competitive- because there can only be a small handful of the very best applicants who earn a place to train there.

In fact, there are other factors which make Medicine a fiercely competitive field to get into.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused widespread grade inflation, which caused universities to reach full capacity quickly, leaving countless students scrambling to compete over the remaining university places elsewhere.

Additionally, Covid-19 has caused many students to defer their studies for a year. This has further caused the competition for university places to heat up, meaning that medical schools are making fewer and fewer offers.

Therefore, we believe that getting a UCAT tutor will make all the difference to your application to medical school, as it will help you score the best possible marks in the UCAT exam.

Having an excellent UCAT score helps make your university application stand out from other candidates with lower scores.

Many medical schools use UCAT scores as the basis of their decision to shortlist applicants for interviews.

Bearing this in mind is why you need a UCAT tutor, as your tutor will help you unlock your full potential and achieve the best possible results.

So what are you waiting for? Take the right step in your medicine journey today, acquire the right knowledge and skills needed to pass your UCAT, with us today. Book now.