UCAT Preparation Packages

Are you an aspiring doctor? Are you getting ready to apply for medical school?

If so, then you will soon sit the UCAT exam as part of your application to study Medicine.

The UCAT is a computerised, two-hour entrance exam for aspiring medical and dental students.

Medical schools use the applicant’s UCAT score alongside their personal statement, academic qualifications and interview skills, to decide who to offer a place.

At The Future Medic, we offer UCAT Preparation packages to help you ace the tests.

Questions on the UCAT are in multiple-choice format.

The UCAT exam consists of 5 separately timed sub-tests, in multiple-choice format.

The UCAT is marked on the number of correct answers you give. There is no negative marking for incorrect answers.

Your total score is generated by adding up the individual scores for all the sub-tests that make up the UCAT.

Generally, a UCAS sub-test score of 750 or above is considered to be high.

What UCAT Preparation packages are available at The Future Medic?

Here at The Future Medic, we know how daunting and challenging it is to take the UCAT exam, as it is a unique type of admissions test, one which is unlike A-Level or GCSE exams.

We also understand that even the best medical school applicants sometimes don’t get into the medical schools of their choice, simply because a low UCAT score holds them back.

A low UCAT score is literally the difference between getting an offer for an interview at a medical school, and not getting one.

This is why we offer our Ace the UCAT’ package, which starts from only £100.

We enjoy coaching Medicine applicants so that they can start their journey of becoming a doctor.

With our UCAT tutoring service, you will have one-to-one tutoring with our medical education specialist, who sits on medical school interview panels.

Under the guidance of your tutor, you will get all the help you need to ace the UCAT and achieve your best possible UCAT score.

Choose from anywhere between 1 hour of UCAT tutoring to 20 hours, to help you unlock your full potential.

It doesn’t matter how far along you are in your Medicine journey- whether you are applying during your A-Levels, or if you have previously been rejected for Medicine and you need a higher UCAT score- we are here to help!

Over the years, our expert tutors have coached thousands of students on their Medicine applications, including international students, and helped them successfully enter the medical schools of their dreams.

So, they understand first-hand how challenging and daunting it is to take the UCAT exam. That is why they can share their tips and tricks for success with you and address any concerns you may have, as you prepare to apply for your preferred Medicine courses.

Why get a UCAT tutor at The Future Medic?

Our tutors at The Future Medic are highly experienced in coaching prospective medical students.

Combined, our tutors have over 10,000 hours of UCAT tutoring experience- this level of tutoring is not guaranteed elsewhere!

The UCAT exam can only be taken once during the admissions cycle. Oftentimes, students don’t score as highly on the UCAT exam, due to nerves, improper revision, or simply because they doubt themselves.

So, our UCAT tutoring service will help you feel more confident about taking the challenging exam and achieving the best possible score.

The average student’s UCAT score is 607, but when they book with our UCAT tutoring package, the mean student score is 743. This shows you the excellent results we gain at The Future Medic, to help students land offers at the medical schools of their dreams.

The competition for medical school places is fierce. In 2022, there were 30,000 more students applying to study Medicine- this means a success rate of only 1 in 10 at popular universities. For international students, this number is even lower at 1 in 16.

You will see numerous advantages to using our UCAT tutoring package, such as:

Access to support and advice from our expert tutors

Our tutors are doctors, medical education specialists and medical school interview panellists. Between them, they have vast experience in interviewing Medicine applicants and coaching them to successfully earn a place at their dream medical schools.

This means that you will get first-hand tutoring directly from a medical school interviewer!

This level of tutoring is not guaranteed by any competitor.

Individual attention

You and your tutor will have personalised 1-1 lessons that are specific to you. It is nothing like a classroom environment, where there is one teacher who has to cater to 30 students!

This will help you progress at your own pace, without the need to worry about distractions or other students.

Low-pressured environment

You and your tutor will be communicating virtually, which is super convenient. This gives you the advantage of being coached from the comfort of your home.

Every student has 24/7 access to their tutor, through a dedicated WhatsApp group.

Our tutors are experienced, friendly, approachable and very dedicated to bringing the best out of all their students. They will put you at ease and help you cope with the pressures of taking this exam, which demonstrates perfectly why you will benefit from a UCAT tutor.

Enhance your learning

Your UCAT tutor will guide you through all 5 of the UCAT exam topics and help you improve your understanding of how to answer the exam questions.

We know the UCAT exam is tough, so we are here to support you and calm your nerves. With our help, you will boost your confidence and approach the exam with the best practice.

Opportunities to ask questions and receive feedback

Preparing for the UCAT exam can be very nerve-wracking for students. There are different styles of questions, and it can be tricky to work out the answers and patterns under timed conditions.

Hence, many students would greatly benefit from UCAT tutoring, as it offers you the opportunity to be inquisitive and pose questions directly to a medical school interviewer.

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